About Orchard Ambassadors

Orchard Ambassadors are selected community members of Orchard CMS who are passionate about Orchard enough to voluntarily evangelize it in their local community. Ambassadors get official recognition and support to help them with their work.

Special support given for Orchard Ambassadors:

  • Ambassadors are visible on orchardproject.net and on a ambassadors.orchadproject.net (this site). Local people for the local community: you can check out where the geographically closest Orchard Ambassador is on a map.
  • Various resources to help the evangelization, including resources provided by members of the Orchard commercial ecosystem.
  • Help them connect with a local Microsoft branch to get opportunities for visibility on local Microsoft-related events and media.
  • Visibility on the local Orchard community site where a community site exists; otherwise help in creating a local community site

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