Resources for Orchard Ambassadors

Tips and resources on the following topics:

  • Organizing a meetup, meetup group
  • Giving a talk on similar meetups/conferences: outline for an Orchard introductory talk with presentation draft (and having a generic Orchard-branded presentation template)
  • Elevator pitch outline
  • Prepared basic code demos

How to present Orchard to specific audiences

What to highlight?

  • PHP developers: PHP scripting (high on “cool-factor”)
  • Client-side/JavaScript (NodeJS) developers:
    • Complete control over the output sent to the browser, simple theming
    • Gulp integration (or use whatever task runner you'd like to)
    • Static resource management
    • Server-side JavaScript scripting
  • Bloggers: DotNest SaaS with site templates (i.e. recipes), simple but flexible content management
  • Project managers/decision makers (CEOs/CTOs):
    • Out of the box functionality
    • Technology keywords (content/user/media management, API, Workflows)
    • Modularization (parallelization of work) and 3rd party modules
    • Examples on Show Orchard
    • Advanced DevOps support (fully automated, no downtime deployment, maintenances with the Hosting Suite)
  • .NET developers:
  • Beginner developers
    • Improving oneself with joining an open-source project
    • Orchard is a well-written, big C# project
    • Helpful community on Stack Overflow and Orchard Pros
  • Developers wanting to become freelancers:
    • Higher throughput by using a feature-rich framework and CMS
    • Active community, conferences
    • Exposure in a specific niche, opportunity for work
  • Media agencies:
    • Ability to create site templates (recipes)
    • Running sites in bulk (multi-tenancy, Hosting Suite)
    • Advanced editing workflows
  • Small business owners:
    • Cheap hassle-free website hosting on DotNest
    • E-commerce capabilities
  • Businesses needing their web apps in the local language, or businesses targeting a multi-national (or multi-language) audience:
    • Orchard’s localization capabilities
    • Existing localization packages and simple creation of localization on Crowdin

"See Orchard for yourself"